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free your people

free your people free your people free your people

what we do



   Unlock the logic behind employee relations decisions quickly, consistently and at scale, using Ai and expert human powered decision making. 

Disrupt Norwich


  Once in a while an event series is born that shakes things up and  makes you think differently. That event is DisruptHR. Amazing speakers, 5 minutes each, and slides rotate every 15 seconds.  

WildGoose Talent


 If you keep fishing from the same pond, you'll get the ones that have been thrown back. It's time to look at talent attraction differently. 



 Certified B-Corporations are a new kind of business who balance profit with purpose. They balance the impact of their actions on their people, customers, suppliers,  community and environment. We can  support you through the transformation.      

Leadership Development


  It's likely your leadership team are at different stages in their career and learning and development path. We can work with individuals and teams to make sure they are driving the culture and performance your business needs  

Super Human Resources


 From managing your day to day  HR processes, reviewing your current HR capability and practices,  or helping with your people strategy, we'll work with you to make a difference at the heart of your organisation  

who is bravegoose?

We provide people and hr services, and believe there is a new way to make a difference at the heart of your organisation.

We are all about the future of work, modern and progressive HR, and providing people-related services that make your business better.

If you want retained HR Services, People Development or want  to know about some really awesome people technology we should chat.


what we believe

These three values  are important to us and give you a flavour of what we bring to the  party. 

Brave -  Having the courage to try something unusual can be uncomfortable, not being afraid of being yourself can take guts  and having the resilience to challenge convention , well that can feel like stepping way out your comfort zone.  We believe that some times you have to put your big brave pants on, take a deep breath and step into the unknown.


Disruptive not disrupting - Many clients work with us  because they want something to change but aren't  sure how , especially if it risks disrupting service for their customers.  That's why we bring fresh thinking and approaches without negative disruption to business. Disruption by stealth.

Big pie people - We believe there are two kinds of people, big pie people & small pie people. Big pie people believe the pie's big enough for everyone  so they  take only their share.  Small pie people take more then their share in fear there isn't enough to go around, In practice, big pie looks like collaboration,  involvement, listening, second-chances and generosity. 


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